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Aruna Quest Armor
Suggestions again. These may be additional armors in-game. These don't have tiers. These may welcome new type of builds. 

Aruna Quest Armors

[Image: 15055.gif]Swift Vest [1]
Jobs: All
A vest that enables the wearer to deal damage quickly but the drawback is lesser damage.

Reduce aftercast delay by 30%.
Reduce cast time by 30%.
Increase attack speed by 30%.
MATK -20%, ATK-20%
[Image: 15179.gif] Heavy Hitter's Armor[1]
Jobs: All
An armor that enables the wearer to deal higher damage but the drawback is slower attack.

Increase After Cast Delay by 30%
Increase Cast Time by 30%
Decrease attack speed by 30%.
MATK +20%, ATK +20%
[Image: 15380.gif]Armor of the Plague[1]
Jobs: All
An armor made from the bones of warriors that died from battle. It is said that Lord of Death personally blessed this armor.
Endowed with Shadow Property.
Small chance of auto casting Stun, Curse, Silence, Poison, and Bleeding to the enemy when receiving physical damage.
1% chance to cast Coma to the enemy and yourself when receiving physical damage.
[Image: 15058.gif]Police Uniform[1]
Jobs: All
"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?"
Small chance to auto-cast Close Confine to the enemy when doing a melee physical attack.
STR +5
If worn by Gunslinger, small chance to cast Disarm when doing a physical attack.
HP and SP +10%.
DEX +10
[Police Uniform and Police Badge Set Effect]
Enable use of Lv5 Attention Concentrate
[Image: 15017.gif]Thor's Bathrobe[1]
Job: Mage Class, Ninja Class
A bathrobe that was once used by the God of Thunder Thor when he visited Midgard. It is said that it still sizzles until this day.
Endowed with Wind property.
INT +10
STR +5
Increase 25% damage of all Wind Type physical and magical attacks.
If worn by Sage, further increase of 25% damage when using Lightning Bolt.
[Image: 7170.gif]Social Climber's Tuxedo[1]
Job: Novice, Super Novice
A tuxedo that suits perfectly the most ambitious person.
HP and SP +50%
All Stat +10
Enable use of Lv1 Cross Impact
Enable use of Lv1 Power Swing
Enable use of Lv1 Judex
Enable use of Lv5 Recognized Spell
[Image: 2547.gif]Lumberjack's Undershirt[1]
Job: Merchant Class
A thin layer of clothing used for logging. Wearing one makes you feel the need to hold an axe.
STR +10
INT +10
ASPD +10%
Movement Speed +10%
Small chance to drop Log[#7210] when a Plant type monster is killed.
[Image: 15195.gif]Njord's Breath[1]
Job: Archer Class, Rogue Class, Ninja
An armor that was crafted from the breath of the Norse God of Wind, Njord. It is favored by both sailors and archers.
Increase range damage by 20%.
DEX +10
If worn by Bard and Dancer Class, increase Arrow Vulcan's damage by 10%.
If worn by Ninja, increase Throw-type skills by 10%.
[Image: 5765.gif]Black Belt[1]
Job: Taekwon Class
A black belt is worn by an expert in taekwondo, judo, karate, and other martial arts.
Increase all Kick-type damage by 30%.
STR+ 10
INT+ 15
DEX and LUK +5
[Image: 2356.gif]Religious Habit[1]
Job: All
A religious habit is a distinctive set of religious clothing worn by members of a religious order.
Increase damage dealt with Demon race by 20%.
Enable Lv5 Faith
Increase physical damage dealt with Knuckle Type and Mace type weapon by 10%.
MATK +10%.
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