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Aruna Quest Garment
Suggestions again. Hoping to welcome other types of build.

Aruna Quest Garments

[Image: 2536.gif]Cloak of Invisibility[0]
Jobs: All
The Cloak of Invisibility is a magical artifact used to render the wearer invisible, and one of the fabled Deathly Hallows.
Enable use of Lv3 Cloaking.
[Image: 20780.gif]Manteau of the Green[1]
Jobs: All
A manteau that was blessed by the nature spirits. It makes the wearer healthy at all times.
Regenerate 5% HP per second.
VIT +10
HP +10%
Increase the effectiveness of Healing items by 10%.
[Image: 15044.gif]Personal Protective Equipment[1]
Jobs: All
A protective suit is worn to prevent contracting dangerous diseases.
Increase resistance to all Ailment Status by 20%.
If worn by Priest, reduce SP consumption of all skills by 20%.
[Image: 20756.gif]Crude Elemental Garb[1]
Jobs: All
A garb that was forged using the four natural elements, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water. However, it is quite unstable that it makes the wearer more vulnerable from other elements.
Increase resistance to Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water element by 20%.
Increased damage receives from other elements by 10%.
[Image: 20840.gif]Alucard's Cape[1]
Jobs: All Transcendent Class
The cape of the famous son of Dracula, Alucard.
100% chance of gaining 2% of physical damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack.
Disables natural HP regeneration.
Decrease 999 HP per second to the wearer as long as the cape is worn.
[Image: 2577.gif]Kade's Hood[1]
Jobs: All
A hood that belonged to the Dark Guardian Kades in his younger years.
Inflict Blindness [Same as Dark Lord's] to enemies 3x3 cells around the user.
Increase damage received from Demihuman by 10%.
[Image: 2568.gif]Ereme's Scarf[1]
Jobs: All
A red scarf that seen thousands of battles.
Increase critical resistance by 10%.
Increase resistance to Poison property by 10%.
If worn by Assassin Class, increase attack by 5%.
[Image: 20944.gif]Elven Manteau[1]
Jobs: All
A beautiful manteau created deep in the heart of the forest. Elves are crazy for this garment.
Flee +20
Perfect Dodge +5
Small chance to cast Wink of Charm to the enemy when the user receives physical damage.
[Image: 7829.gif]Police Badge[1]
Jobs: All
"Freeze! Show your hands where I can see them!"
Small chance to Freeze an enemy when doing a physical attack.
If worn by Gunslinger, HP and SP +10% and DEX +10.

[Police Uniform and Police Badge Set Effect]
Enable use of Lv5 Attention Concentrate
[Image: 20937.gif]Robe of the Hearth[1]
Jobs: All
A very warm robe.
Increase resistance against Fire and Earth element by 20%.
Increased damage receives from Water and Wind element by 10%.
Increase resistance against Freezing Status by 20%.
Small chance to drop Red Blood [#990] and Flame Heart [#994] when a Fire element monster is killed.
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