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Aruna Quest Shield
Another one for today. 

Aruna Quest Shield

[Image: 2148.gif]Tyrell Shield[1]
Jobs: All
A standard shield used by the House Tyrell. The inscription "Growing Strong" is written on one of its petals.
Reduce damage from Plant monster by 20%.
Reduce damage from Small and Medium monsters by 15%.
Small chance to cast Lv1 Hell's Plant when the user receives physical damage.
[Image: 2169.gif]Police Shield[1]
Jobs: All
"Maxime Tolerantia". In any confrontation between citizens exercising their right to free speech and assembly and police authorities tasked to ensure peace and order, the men and women in uniform have a lopsided advantage over the demonstrators.
Cannot be Knockback.
Enable use of Lv1 Auto Guard and Shrink.
[Image: 28901.gif]Piamette's Bunny[1]
Jobs: Novice, Super Novice
The very same bunny that Piamette used for offense and defense. Only the brave can tame this monster.
HP and SP +50%
Reduce damage from Small and Medium Monsters by 10%.
Increase physical damage dealt with Demihuman by 10%.
All Stats +10
[Image: 1047.gif]Aegis[1]
Jobs: All
As stated in the Iliad, is carried by Athena and Zeus, but its nature is uncertain. It had been interpreted as an animal skin or a shield, sometimes bearing the head of a Gorgon.
Reduce damage from Medium Size and Earth attacks by 10%
Refine rate * 1% chance to cast Stone Curse to the enemy when the user receives physical damage.
[Image: 2130.gif]Shield of Faith[1]
Jobs: All
A rumored shield mixed with melted nails from the crucifixion of the Messiah.
Increase resistance against the Holy and Dark element by 50%.
Reduce damage from Undead and Demon monster by 30%.
[Image: 2161.gif]Thickass Book[1]
Jobs: All
The legendary yellow pages. A hit from this book will surely give a concussion.
Small chance to cause Stun to the enemy when the user receives physical damage.
If worn by Taekwon, increase the Stun chance by refine level * 1%.
If worn by Sage, reduce the casting time of Double Casting and Memorize by 30%.
[Image: 2160.gif]Leech Guard[1]
Jobs: All
A shield that heals the wearer a small portion of the damage it takes.
Restore the user's HP by damage taken * 10%
Restore the user's SP by damage taken * 1%.
[Image: 28922.gif]Hemoglobin Shield[0]
Jobs: All
A shield made from pure iron. It makes the user inhale huge amounts of oxygen and makes the user immune to sudden death.
Protects the user from Coma status.
[Image: 2147.gif]Spiked Buckler[1](Weight:300)
Jobs: All
A buckler that has spikes. It is used to inflict more damage than to protect the wearer.
Increased damage receives from Demihuman by 10%.
Increase damage dealt with Medium and Large size monster by 10%.
If worn by Crusader, increase the damage of Shield Chain, Shield Charge, and Shield Boomerang by 50%.
[Image: 28913.gif]Star of David[1]
Jobs: All
A shield bearing the hexagram. Some call it one of the Seals of Solomon, others say it is a symbol of the connection between man and God.
Increase resistance against Demon and MVP monsters by 30%.
1% chance to cast Lv1 Kaizel on yourself when receiving magical damage.
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