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[2020-07-21] Changes and Fixes
Item Changes

+ Fix Essential Shield and Boots Desc.
+ Fix Valk Randgris Card Restriction on no MVP maps
+ Fix Ninja Medal. Wearable by Ninja Class.
+ Fix Bacsojin Card bonus MDEF.

+ Chance to get Sealed Ygg berry on Rare Costume Machine.
+ Soul Linker Es Type Magic can be cast on players.
Endless Tower Last boss has a low chance to drop 3rd job souls.
+ Added PVP Ladder Board.
+ Add @homlevel command on normal Players

Other Changes
+ Fix Tarot Skill. Adjust as Original Intended (See RSM)
+ UFC Map Added. Possible PVP Event Arena
+ Fix Max level of Homunculus. It should be 255
+ Arunafeltz Exclusive Armors can now sell to NPC.

That's all for Quick Fix. Stay tuned for further updates!
Happy Gaming! 

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