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Yhii's Whitesmith Cart Termination Build
Hi! I made this build/guide for the sole promotion of WS's role in PvP as hitters and not just to upgrade your weapons and for vending items. This is just a guide, you can always tweak it as much as you like. 

First, let's talk about whitesmith's offensive skills. You can use only three skills to kill. Two skills are from the Merchant class, Mammonite, and Cart Revolution. Let's not waste any more time with those skills because I guarantee you, you will not like it. So, let's go to the second one, the Cart Termination skill. 

In a nutshell, Cart Termination is an offensive skill that utilizes your character's cart. The heavier your cart, the more damage it will produce.
Currently, our server has a cart weight capacity of 8000. You can put 400 pcs of Old Blue Box to maxed that out easily.

Now, what factors the damage of Cart Termination skill? First, the STR stat that gives you ATK. Second, all cards and items that give bonus ATK. Third, percent damage cards vs race, element, and whatnot will not affect this skill, making Turtle General Card, Hydra Card, Abysmal Knight Card pretty useless. Lastly, ailment status cards will also not work here like Lord of Death Card.

My most favorite part of the skill, it is not reflectable, is not a range attack, bypasses Cicada, Guard, Parry, and cannot be blocked by Pneuma.

If you want to know a little bit more, visit this page from iRO Wiki.

Let's talk about the pieces of equipment now. I told you earlier, this is just a guide. It still has a lot of room for improvement. I'm just using the available resources that I have on hand. (lazy farmer)

Disclaimer: This is for the offensive. It is up to you if you want to add some resistance.


1st Option: Use this set because of the ATK +40 from the Helm and 10% ATK (remember, it's not %Dmg vs enemies) from the wings. It also has a 30% Freeze resistance. 
Upper: Hell Helm (Maya Purple, Vanberk, Margaretha Solin, Seyren Windsor for +10)
Middle: Neutral Spirit (Maya Purple, Vanberk, Margaretha Solin, Seyren Windsor for +10)
Lower: Hell Wing

2nd Option: Use this if you don't have Hell Set yet.
Upper: Creed Helm or Destruction Helm (Maya Purple, Vanberk, Margaretha Solin)
Middle: Any other Spirit or Cyclops Eye (Maya Purple, Vanberk, Margaretha Solin)
Lower: Torn Wings (freebie) or Upgraded White Butterfly Wings

1st Option: +4 and above Arunafeltz Exclusive Armor (you read it right, I used freebies to fight) (Tao Gunka, Orc Lord, Ghostring, Frus, Angeling)

2nd Option: +4 and above Dragon Armor (Tao Gunka, Orc Lord, Ghostring, Frus, Angeling)

1st Option: +4 and above Arunafeltz Exclusive Shield (Thara, Golden Thief Bug, Maya)

2nd Option: Platinum Shield

3rd Option: Any slotted shield except Strong Shield unless you want to use reflect  (Thara, Golden Thief Bug, Maya)

Do not use Amon Ra. The aftercast delay of Kyrie Eleison is too high, rendering you unable to spam Cart Termination.
1st Option: Dragon Boots (Moonlight, Eddga, Boss Egnigem Cenia)

2nd Option: +7 and above Arunafeltz Exclusive Shoes (Moonlight Flower, Eddga, Boss Egnigem Cenia)

1st Option: +4 and above Dragon Manteau (Punk, Deviling, Aliot, Noxious, Frildora)

2nd Option: +4 and above Arunafeltz Exclusive Manteau (Punk, Deviling, Aliot, Noxious, Frildora)

1st Option: 2pcs Merchant Medal (Mantis, Horong, Smokie, Errende Ebecee, Ifrit)

2nd Option: 2pcs Arunafeltz Exclusive Accessory (Mantis, Horong, Smokie, Errende Ebecee, Ifrit)

For the weapon, you only have a few choices. It depends on your resources but both weapons are technically the same.

Ice pick[0]

Ice Pick[1] (Phreeoni, Zipper Bear, Atroce)

+9 Icarus Axe (Thanatos, Zipper Bear, Atroce) Do not use Icarus Axe if you don't have Thanatos Card. It sux.

Make sure you don't have any buffs when putting stats.

STR: Maximum divisible by 10.
AGI: Put Agi after Dex and if you are using Punk Card, make sure that you will put Agi while on Lv1 Quagmire until 197 ASPD
VIT: Rest of stats
INT: leave it as is
DEX: 150+ depending on your target Hit Rate
LUK: You can add LUK if you want to reduce your Freeze duration

Element Converter Scrolls (you can make it with Sage Class or buy on @mall)
Cursed Water (easiest available without much resistance from enemies)
Aspersio Scroll (buy-in @mall, don't forget the Holy Water)
Speed Potions
Box of Sunlight
Chemical Protection Scrolls (with Glistening Coat)

Make sure to use all of your buffs. Whitesmith class has a wide choice of buffs to use for strengthening their attacks The most important buff to use Cart Termination is Cart Boost. Without that buff, the skill will fail. Being a whitesmith is also a good choice if you plan to party with other physical hitters because of your buffs.

One last thing, no matter how good or bad your build is, it still depends on the player. A knife cannot hurt when it is just laying around right?

Always remember, there is no perfect build, just better.

Leave your comments and questions if you have any. I'll try to answer them if I can.
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