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Dragons Lair Dungeon Overview
Dragons Lair Dungeon

Quest Description

On the first level you will need to find and defeat all the goddess one by one.

[Image: Echinda.png]
[Image: Lilith.png]

[Image: Hera.png]

[Image: Siren.png]

On the second level you need to find and defeat FAHRROS. He will spawn on random location. You need to kill FAHRROS to summon Dragons Lair Boss. 

[Image: Fahrros.png]

On the final level you will need to defeat the Dragon Lair BOSS! He is displayed as CHAOS DRAGON

[Image: CHAOS-DRAGON.png]

See for drop details.

To begin the quest you would need to have Dungeon Access Device which you get from Leira Dungeon Master (Prontera 136 171) in exchange of TCG Cards. The quest would require for one Dungeon Access Device.

[Image: Leira-Dungeon-Master.png]

[Image: Dun.png]

Once you have the quest requirements, organize a Party with at least three members and speak with Dragons Lair Master (Prontera 117 167) to enter the dungeon and compete the quest. 

[Image: Dragons-Lair-Dungeon-Prompt.png]

Once all monster mention above defeated, Congratulations! The quest is completed. You will have 1 minute before you'll be automatically warped out from the Dungeon Quest.

[Image: dew-dun02.gif]
Dungeon Map
  • The quest is repeatable. (The same requirements are needed to start the quest again)
  • There are other monsters around the map but you only need to defeat the monsters mentioned above to complete the quest.


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